Important Notice – Lead time and Tariffs

Cosel USA lead time issues are completely resolved and have been for several months.
For the vast majority of our products our lead time is back to 4-6 weeks or less.
In addition 95% of the Cosel line is made in Japan which means no additional tariffs apply.
Only a few of our products are made at our facility in China.
The PJA/PLA, KH/KL and KR Series are made in China.
ALL other Cosel products are made in Japan.


New PCA series Digital Communication Demonstration

The PCA AC/DC series power supply has digital communication functions. The Digital Interface can monitor or control approximately 80 different functions including, the monitoring of the Input & output voltages as well as current. Digitally Control allows one to set constant current, Remote ON/OFF, set output voltage and many other functions. The PCA is great for IoT applications. The PCA also has medical safety certifications.

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Latest News and Products

PCA300F, 600F,1000F03/11/2019

Cosel Co., Ltd. announced the release of the 300 - 1000 watt PCA series of isolated AC/DC power supplies. These new PCA products are general purpose AC/DC power supplies which are smaller than the Cosel PBA series. The new PCA series has digital communication via UART or PMBus. By using this function, CV/CC operation is easily available. Also it can be used as multi-purpose power supply with high density and high efficiency up to 92%. The PCA series can operate from -20C to 70C (with derating) and has up to 5 year warranty.


Cosel Co., Ltd. has introduced the new GMA300 AC/DC Medical Power Supply. The GMA provides up to 300W in an ultra-small package, only 2” X 4” and 1U high. The GMA300 is fully compliant with IEC60601-1 3rd and 4th editions as well as BF Rated. The GMA has only 0.15 mA leakage at 115VAC and 0.28 mA at 220VAC. With up to 93% efficiency, the GMA300 is ideal for Medical, ITE and Industrial equipment that requires a small size, high power density AC/DC supply. Mobile medical equipment, automation control systems, test equipment and other applications will benefit from the GMA300 small size and high wattage output.